Tibetan Snow Lion Copper Coin Necklace (1918-1928)


Tibet minted its own currency during the era of independence (1912-1951). The front of this coin features an image of the Snow Lion (གངས་སེང་གེ), a symbol of fearlessness, unconditional cheerfulness, east and the earth element. This celestial creature is one of the Four Dignities in Tibetan tradition. Like all Tibetan coins before 1932, it was struck by hand, a process which was replaced by water or man-powered machines in the after 1932. Tibetan coins were inscribed with the cycle and the year in which they were struck.

You can convert the Tibetan date to our western [the Julian calendar] date here http://creounity.com/apps/time_machine/?go=tibet.php&lang=en.

This coin is 24 mm, which is slightly smaller than a U.S. quarter, and is made of copper; it comes in a gift box with a lifetime warranty.

Coins are all originals and may bear slight variations due to wear.