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In a narrow sense, the electronic manufacturing industry mainly refers to the 3C industry, namely the computer, communication, and consumer electronic products. In a broad sense, the electron...

In a narrow sense, the electronic manufacturing industry mainly refers to the 3C industry, namely the computer, communication, and consumer electronic products. In a broad sense, the electronic manufacturing industry usually includes the semiconductor, display screen and PCB industries that support the development of the above industries.

Along with the development of 5G, Internet of things, and other technologies as well as the increase in the consumer electronic terminal equipment owned by the users, the application scenarios of interconnectivity, data transmission and sharing among multiple devices become abundant increasingly; at the same time, considering the lightweight and concise design of the consumer electronic terminal equipment such as notebook, their interfaces are reduced constantly. As a result of the scenario demand for interconnection and interconnectivity, there is in the new market demand for various signal adapters and connection cords, bringing a new development opportunity for the consumer electronics market.

On this basis, the entire industry chain of domestic electronics manufacturing, including final production and assembly plants, equipment manufacturers and automation manufacturers, as well as subsystem and device providers, has been given the opportunity to develop rapidly. Undoubtedly, the electronics manufacturing has become the industry with the largest scale of visual application and the highest driving power.

In the next five years, the visual application of electronic manufacturing industry will still maintain a relatively higher growth. On the one hand, 3C is currently one of the typical labor-intensive industries; in most cases, the production, assembly and quality inspection of the products are completed still by workers; due to the inherent deficiency of manual installation in precision, efficiency and quality, and the pressure arising from the rapid increase in labor cost, it has been widely recognized in the whole industry that the automatic assembly and quality testing equipment meeting the actual demand in the electronic manufacturing industry should be imported as soon as possible. It is expected to achieve an explosive growth this year. On the other hand, as the hardware carrier for development of the whole Internet + Internet of things, the electronic manufacturing are attracting and gathering the top innovation resources, talents and capital all over the world, and become the focus of the technology industry; based on the gathering, interaction and competition of such resources, the whole industry has to innovates and reforms rapidly in terms of core technology and business model, and all kinds of advanced production, processing and quality testing technologies centered on visual technology will undoubtedly play a more critical role therein. Furthermore, under the guidance of “Made in China 2025 Initiative” and the relevant “13th Five-Year Plan”, the national government has included the development of the electronics manufacturing industry and related high-end equipment in the national strategy, the state-owned enterprises have made arrangement in the market actively. It is obviously that Chinese enterprises have gradually become the leading role in the market, resulting in the continuous enhancement of competitiveness in the whole industry chain, and the release of more demands.

Recommended Particle Size

Alumina Polishing Fluid

Silicon Oxide Polishing Fluid



Suitable for processing of sapphire, such as grinding of LED chip, diaphragm, watch lens, mobile phone fingerprint identification sheet, and mobile phone camera lens, and other sapphire materials;

Processing of infrared crystal, such as the grinding of zinc selenide, germanium, silicon, zinc sulfide, calcium fluoride, magnesium fluoride, lithium niobate, lithium carbonate, and chalcogenide infrared material, and other infrared materials;

Processing of metal materials, such as stainless steel, die steel, titanium alloy, and other metal materials.

Polishing of sapphire optical chip, LED sapphire substrate, watch lens, crystal, gem optical lens, optical glass, quartz, and silicon wafer of optical fiber and of photovoltaic enterprise;

Processing of ceramic material, such as zirconia fingerprint identification sheet, zirconia ceramic rear cover of mobile phone, and other functional ceramics;

Processing of ceramics: Grinding of ceramic materials such as ceramic ferrule, mobile phone ceramic cover plate, ceramic fingerprint parts, ceramic structure parts of watch, and ceramic bushing;

Ceramic substrate, alumina ceramics, zirconia ceramics, aluminum nitride substrate, ceramic mobile phone cover plate, and wearable ceramics

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