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Agglomerated Diamond Grinding Fluid

With regard to the  agglomerateddiamond grinding fluid, the number of combined edge angles is increased and the cohesive strength is enhanced on the basis of agglomerateddiamond diamond powder, so as to maintain the characteristics of multiple edge angles; therefore, it is more suitable for the application scenarios that the requirement for surface quality is higher and the requirement for removal rate is higher. Furthermore, it can be processed into a variety of grinding tools of binding agent, and applied to the high speed grinding of all kinds of hard metals and non-metallic materials.

Main features

It has the polygonal shape characteristics, and presents multi-edge structure in microscope view, and shows slight luster of natural mineral;

It has higher cutting capability, and guarantees high precision polishing effect;

It has narrow distribution range of particle size, so as to achieve uniform surface roughness;

It has stable quality of products, and small difference between batches;

Particle size distribution and application scenarios


Original Particle Size Specification

Particle Size Distribution (μm)

Application Scenarios


Auxiliary consumables

Processing object




Resin grinding pad + polyurethane grinding pad

Grinding of optical wafer and ceramic device




Resin grinding pad + polyurethane grinding pad

Grinding of optical wafer and ceramic device

Glass / ceramics

Application fields

Processing of sapphire: Grinding of sapphire materials such as LED chip, diaphragm, watch lens, mobile phone fingerprint identification sheet, and mobile phone camera lens;

Processing of metals: Grinding of super hard alloy metal materials such as stainless steel, aluminum parts, copper parts, die steel, mobile phone Logo, mobile phone frame, mobile phone card slot, mobile phone buttons, mobile phone backing plate, and mold;

Processing of ceramics: Grinding of ceramic materials such as ceramic ferrule, mobile phone ceramic cover plate, ceramic fingerprint parts, ceramic structure parts of watch, and ceramic bushing;

Processing of semiconductor: Grinding of semiconductor materials such as silicon wafer, germanium, gallium arsenide, indium phosphide, silicon carbide, and gallium nitride;

Processing of infrared crystal: Grinding of infrared materials such as zinc selenide, germanium, silicon, zinc sulfide, calcium fluoride, magnesium fluoride, lithium niobate, lithium carbonate, and chalcogenide infrared materials;

Packing specification

1000ml / 8000ml, bottle/barrel (To be customized according to customer needs).

Storage method

The product shall be stored above 0?C to prevent freezing. The product will fail due to non-dispersible agglomerations produced below 0?C.

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