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Agglomerated Diamond Grinding Powder

Agglomerated diamond grinding powder/micro-powder: As the first “agglomerated” diamond micro-powder in China, it refers to a new type of super-hard ultra-fine grinding material with the structure similar the stone concrete, in which the diamond particles + binding agent subject to precision processing are combined together and agglomerated into a number of spherical diamonds based on special processing.

Main features

1. It is a kind of agglomerated diamond grinding material with ball-like shape feature, presenting multi-edge structure in microscope view, and showing slight luster of natural mineral;

2. It maintains high grinding force in the process of grinding, and achieves the surface quality which is impossible for other diamond grinding materials;

3. The spherical particles are mixed and wrapped with diamond from inside to outside, and the powder continues to play a grinding role;

4.The powder is agglomerated into the agglomeration powder into spherical shape, the product is isotropic, and it is not easy to produce severe scratch;

5.High utilization rate, fast cutting rate, and optimal surface consistency of processed workpieces.

Grinding advantages

1. Compared with the traditional monocrystalline/polycrystalline diamond grinding materials, it has distinct advantages, including very high aggregation glomeration rate, and better coarse grinding/fine grinding effect.

2. Minimize processing time/consumables/labor costs of the enterprise.

3. High rate, less scratches, and good roughness.

4. The particle size may be developed and customized according to customer needs.

5. The production capacity increases on a year-on-year basis, so it is the best process choice for grinding materials at present.

Particle size distribution and application scenarios


Original Particle Size Specification

Particle Size Distribution (μm)

Application Scenarios


Processing Object

Manufacturing Mode




Medium polishing of chip substrate

Grinding fluid, precision polishing abrasion wheel




Medium polishing of chip substrate

Grinding fluid, precision polishing abrasion wheel




Precision grinding of chip substrate

Grinding fluid, precision polishing abrasion wheel




Precision grinding of optical wafer

Grinding fluid, grinding paper




Grinding of ceramic device

Grinding fluid, grinding paper




Precision grinding of glass ceramic

Diamond grinding pad, precision polishing abrasion wheel

Application fields

Manufacturing of grinding fluid: Process sapphire wafer, silicon carbide wafer, functional ceramics, and other hard and brittle materials with grinding sheet;

Manufacturing of grinding pad: Process glass ceramic cover plate, sapphire wafer, silicon carbide wafer, and other hard and brittle materials with cutting fluid;

Processing of semiconductor wafer: Mainly including sapphire substrate sheet, silicon carbide substrate sheet, sapphire diaphragm, silicon carbide sheet, and gallium nitride, etc.

Processing of ceramic materials: Zirconia fingerprint identification sheet, zirconia ceramic rear cover of mobile phone, and other functional ceramics;

Processing of metal materials: Stainless steel, die steel, titanium alloy, and other metal materials.

Packing specification

1000ct, 5000ct, 10000ct, bottle.

Storage method

To be stored at normal temperature.

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