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We look forward and welcome you to join us!

Resume should be sent to HR at email:

Sales Engineer (3-5 persons)

Job Responsibilities:

1. Take responsibility for distributor development, sales control and business support for grinding fluid, polishing fluid and other grinding products;

2. Assist distribution channel partners to complete terminal samples, order acquisition, project pre-sales support, etc.;

3. Improve the business ability of channel partners through professional channel management ability, motivate and assist partners in marketing, achieve sales targets, and increase the market share of products;

4. Coordinate partners to plan, organize and implement various marketing activities.

Job Requirements:

1. College degree or above, 1-3 years of experience in marketing, familiar with grinding fluid (polishing fluid) or sapphire, diamond or chip industry, with insight into the industry development trend, and unique viewpoint;

2. With experience in agent development, familiar with the whole process of channel construction, control and support;

3. With excellent communication skills, good at promoting resources to assist in development;

4. With strong sense of responsibility, able to work under pressure.

Application Engineer (3-5 persons)

Job Responsibilities:

1. Take responsibility for selection of raw materials, and experiment and R&D of new products;

2. Prepare operation instructions for relevant products, formulate and archive the product standards;

3. Advance experimental progress and improve R&D efficiency;

4. Maintain, optimize and improved the Company’s existing products.

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, 1-3 years of relevant working experience, excellent fresh graduates can be considered;

2. Familiar with the characteristics of the raw materials related to fine chemicals;

3. With knowledge of production process of fine materials and chemical products;

4. With good communication and coordination skills and internal driving force;

5. Willing to engage in grinding and polishing industry for a long time.

Get a “proper” and work for three or five years, and you’ll be probably not very much different from your classmates and friends, even if the wage and treatment are good. Invite you to start up business with us, and you should have become our backbone! As long as you are excellent, dedicated, hard-working, eager to learn, willing to make efforts, and careless about personal gains and losses, anyone with a dream will have the opportunity to realize dream. This is just a stage, and you are the protagonist!

This is an optimal stage of life and career, this is a school for people to grow continuously; there is warm corporate culture like sunshine, there is mentor leading you to march forward; you will make brilliant achievement in life and career here!

Zhongji Micro Material, we look forward and welcome you to join us!

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