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OFC MicroMaterial(Shenzhen)Co..Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as “ZJMM Zhongji Micro Material”) is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, production and sales of high hard and brittle materials and high-performance grinding and polishing materials. It has nearly 100 invention patents and won the Excellent Enterprise Award of the New Material Group in the National Competition of China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in 2022. Especially in the field of third-generation semiconductor wafer grinding and polishing applications, the company has made a number of key technological breakthroughs, and continues to provide customers with high quality and stable supply.

Headquartered in Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, PRC (Enterprise-University-Institution Base of China University of Geosciences) with the R&D laboratory located in Houston, USA, the Company has four subsidiaries including Shenzhen Jiaxin Nano Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Dongguan Zhongji Micro Material Co., Ltd., Dongguan Tobu Industrial Grinding Co., Ltd., and Zhengzhou CA Hi-tech Industrial Co., Ltd. Zhongji Micro Material will create an industrial layout with Shenzhen as the application center, the laboratories in the United States and Japan as the research and development center, and three production bases of machining, new materials and chemicals as the delivery center, and realize our commitments to customers, employees, shareholders, and society.

Zhongji Micro Material has been engaged in the industry for more than two decades, involving the fields from traditional extensive grinding and polishing materials in the industry to precision grinding and polishing materials, grinding process, and all-round service support. The products manufactured by the Company are widely used in grinding and polishing fluids for the products in the fields such as optical crystal, chip semiconductor and substrate, new energy, consumer electronics, and industrial electronics. The Company pays close attention to the development trends in sapphire, semiconductor, 3C, LED, LCD, electronics, energy, healthcare, and automotive, aims to support and meet the needs of customers, carries out innovation of products and development of new products including materials, processes, and technical supports, spares no efforts to meet the all-dimensional requirements of the customers, and provides the customers with personalized, serialized, and professional solutions.

The Company has always been paying attention to technological innovation. At present, the Company has approximately 100 inventions and patents, including 58 utility models, 32 patents for invention, and 9 European design patents, and becomes the forerunner of technological development in the domestic industry. The Company strives for excellence in product quality constantly, and carries out and implements ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system strictly; furthermore, the Company implements 6S management standards, lays emphasis on site improvement, and guarantees the stability and consistency of products. In addition, the Company also establishes a perfect after-sales service system and technical support, so as to meet and solve all kinds of needs from the customers.

The Company takes “integrating the most advanced technology research and development capabilities all around the world, innovating the production processes continuously, and providing the customers with the optimal solutions at the production site” as the operation philosophy, pursues the core values of “firmly believing in the innovative originality, faithful business principle, and continuously improved customer value”, strives to build a relaxed and pleasant working atmosphere, pays attention to cultivate the employees’ creativity and leadership, helps the employees to grow continuously, and makes unremitting efforts to achieve the goal of becoming the “leader in grinding industry in the world”. We provide customers with more choices, so as to make creation become more beautiful.

Development History

In 2021: Established “Shenzhen Zhongji Micro Material” as the R&D headquarters, and initiated the Company’s capital market plan

In 2020: Developed and put the elastomer grinding sweeping disc into use in the field of 3D glass grinding

In 2019: Developed and put the diamond polishing pad into use in the field of glass grinding

In 2018: Developed the diamond composite material to replace diamond-type polycrystalline products

In 2017: Developed the structural grinding sheets for stacking materials and applied for metal grinding

In 2016: Passed ISO9001 quality assurance system certification

In 2015: Renamed Guangdong Company as Dongguan Tobu Industrial Grinding Co., Ltd.

In 2014: Acquired a Japanese brand “Tobuken” and all the technical solutions thereof

In 2011: Renamed Henan Company as Zhengzhou CA Hi-tech Industrial Co., Ltd.

In 2010: Entered 3C industry and provided grinding and polishing solutions for structural parts and exterior parts of the mobile phones and computers

In 2008: Introduced Japanese grinding belt finishing equipment and entered the field of high precision grinding and polishing

In 2005: Established the grinding products company in Henan, and cooperated with Japanese companies in fine grinding materials

In 2000: Sold Japanese precision grinding abrasive paper and grinding abrasive cloth as an agent

In 1997: Established Dongguan Julong Hardware Tools Co., Ltd., selling homemade grinding products as an agent

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