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A comprehensive application solution service provider providing the customers with the precision grinding and polishing system of brittle materials while taking research & development and process innovation as the central task

4Main Reasons for Choosing Our CompanyAdhering to the purposes of “Honesty, Tolerance, Innovation, Service”, and abiding by the commitments of “customer orientation, quality first”


More than 20 years of industry experience, strong brand strength! With advanced processes and technologies, satisfy the requirements for grinding of different two-sided planes. Provide customers with grinding and polishing experiments and technical supports for samples and incoming materials.


Use well-known imported raw materials, ask the suppliers to provide documentary evidences, control the quality at the source, customize the equipment as needed, and sell by the manufacturer directly! In line with the international quality inspection standards and all the finished products have passed the international ISO system certification.


Cooperate with well-known manufacturers at home and abroad for a long term, guarantee the qualification! Manufacture and deliver products in an efficient and timely manner with abundant types and models of products, so as to ensure the largest profit margin, reasonable price, and high quality products available for you!


With abundant experience in production management, experience in quality management, and exquisite technical team, spare no efforts to assist in solving all kinds of problems encountered by customers in grinding and polishing!

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About UsServe the World Based in China


Specialized in the basic R&D and application research of high-performance grinding and polishing materials

A hi-tech enterprise providing the customers with systematic comprehensive solutions

Shenzhen Zhongji Micro Material Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as “Zhongji Micro Material”) is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the basic R&D and application research of high-performance grinding and polishing materials, in order to provide the customers with systematic comprehensive solutions.

Zhongji Micro Material has been engaged in the industry for more than two decades. The Company started to accumulate the industry experience in the traditional extensive grinding and polishing materials in the industry
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Geared to high-end manufacturing industry, dedicated in improvement of production efficiency and quality in automation industry

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